Recap: 2013 International

Chronic Disease Conference


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September 6-8, 2013
Seattle, Washington, USA.

The Chronic Disease Research Foundation’s (CDRF) belief is that to reverse extreme long-standing health conditions requires addressing the following:

  • Diet
  • Structural Deficiencies
  • Infectious & Environmental Disease
  • Genetics

…and using new technologies to aid diagnosis, symptom alleviation and regeneration.

The inaugural 2013 International Chronic Disease Conference will bring together leading medical and technological pioneers to address these topics, including representatives from the United States, Russia, Canada, Germany and Iran.

Please join us at the Seattle Pacific University as we forge better treatment modalities for the chronically ill

Conference Speakers and Videos

alan-goldDr. Alan Goldhamer
dean-bonlieDr. Dean Bonlie
vera-bastDr. Vera I. Nesterov
vlad-nestVladimir Nesterov
chuck-wood facechuck-wood copy
alex-voliDr. Alex A. Volinsky
nik-gubDr. Nikolai V. Gubar
lee-yardDr. Lee Yardley
die-klingDr. Dietrich Klingha
daniel-mashDr. Daniel Mashoof
david-steen facedavid-steen copy
ben-lynchDr. Ben Lynch

Our Foundation

Mission Statement

The Chronic Disease Research Foundation is a non-profit international multidisciplinary medical society dedicated to the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of long-standing chronic disease states. The Foundation will promote understanding of chronic disease through research and education, as well as provide a forum for facilitating knowledge sharing amongst international medical and technology leaders. We strongly support physicians, scientists, researchers and other health and wellness practitioners who are dedicated to advancing the treatment outcomes of the chronically ill.


Our goal is simple…to continuously improve the treatment outcomes of chronically ill patients.

Strategic Objectives

1. Promote Awareness of Global Chronic Disease Treatment Methodologies to both Medical Professionals and Patients
2. Promote Knowledge Sharing between Multidisciplinary Medical Fields on a Country and International Basis
3. Conduct or Fund Research into Root Causes of Chronic Illness
4. Conduct or Fund Clinical Trials of New Chronic Disease Treatment Methodologies
5. Monitor the Treatment Outcomes of Chronically Ill Patients using NLS-Diagnostics